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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the other roles mod pack?

The Other Roles – Among Us MODPack (v4.1.4) – Download (June 2022) The Other Rolesis a MOD Pack for Among Usthat allows us to enjoy more than 25 new roles in the game, plus new configuration options, new colors for the characters, new hats, and many other new features.

How do I get a mod from among us?

Go to Manage, then Browse Local files. Pin your Among Us folder to your quick access bar, then go back to This PC > Downloads (or whatever destination you chose) and copy the files to the Among Us folder. Close Among Us if it is open, then when you reopen it the mod should be there.

How do I get the extra roles mod?

To get the Extra Roles Mod, players will need to complete the following steps: Download the mod from NotHunter101's Releases tab on GitHub. Players should select the most recent version. Enter the Downloads folder (or the location of the downloaded .rar mod files) and open them with WinRar.

What is the latest version of Among Us?

We are currently on version 4.1.4, which is compatible with Among Us 2022.3.29, the latest official version of the game. You can also install it in just one click using the MOD Manager.

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