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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the APS DLI program?

The APS DLI program only serves students who reside within the school's attendance zone unless the school is a designated Choice School. The Student Enrollment and DLI program applications have transtioned to an online process. The applications below are now embedded into the online APS Student Enrollment Form and can be completed electronically.

What are the best DLI schools in Georgia?

Public DLI Schools in Georgia ( 2018-2019) 1 International Charter School of Atlanta -Chinese, French, German, Spanish (K-8 ) 2 International Charter Academy of Georgia ​ - Japanese (K-5) 3 Yi Hwang Academy of Language Excellence​ - Korean & Chinese (K-5)

How do I sign up for DLI?

DLI Program Admission is outlined in APS Board Policy JBC-R (4). Registering adults should complete the DLI application below and return the Dual Language Immersion application with the completed APS Student Enrollment form to their child's school prior to the deadline.

What are DLI students taught?

They are taught English Language Arts, Reading, and usually Specials in English. Second Language Skills: DLI students achieve higher proficiency in the second language than with traditional Foreign Language instruction.

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