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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an Azure Key Vault?

You can create a key vault by using the Azure portal, the Azure CLI, or Azure PowerShell. A Key Vault secret. You can create a secret by using the Azure portal, PowerShell, or the Azure CLI. The user name must be unique within Azure. For local Git pushes, it can't contain the at sign symbol (@).

What are the benefits of using Azure Key Vault?

Centralizing storage of application secrets in Azure Key Vault allows you to control their distribution. Key Vault greatly reduces the chances that secrets may be accidentally leaked. When using Key Vault, application developers no longer need to store security information in their application.

What types of keys can be stored in Azure Key Vault?

Microsoft Azure Key Vault is a cloud-based service that stores the data or secret securely and can be accessed with that data and secret securely. This secret data can be anything of which the user wants to control access such as passwords, TLS/SSL certificate or API keys, or cryptographic keys.

What are the different resource types supported by the Azure Key Vault resource provider?

Azure Key Vault enables Microsoft Azure applications and users to store and use several types of secret/key data. Key Vault resource provider supports two resource types: vaults and managed HSMs. The table below shows the base URL DNS suffix used by the data-plane endpoint for vaults and managed HSM pools in various cloud environments.

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