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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beautycounter and is it safe?

But before I jump into that, let’s go back to basics and explain what Beautycounter is. Beautycounter was founded in 2013 by Gregg Renfrew as a natural, safer alternative to conventional beauty and skincare products. They’re different then most beauty companies because of the vast array of products they sell.

Is Beautycounter an MLM?

Let’s chat about Beautycounter being an MLM…. When a company uses an MLM model, they sell their products through consultants and each consultant has a mentor so with each sale of a product, that consultant makes a commission and their mentor, and their mentor’s mentor etc… make a commission.

What is the anniversary of Beautycounter?

Fun Fact: Beautycounter's anniversary is on March 4, and every year the brand takes this day as an opportunity to travel to Washington, DC, to hold meetings on Capitol Hill and ask lawmakers to support better beauty laws. The US has not passed a major federal law governing cosmetics since 1938.

How much did Beautycounter consultants spend last year?

Starting (and staying) in the red According to Beautycounter’s 2019 income disclosure statement, known formally as its “2019 U.S. Commissions Overview,” new consultants spent $440 on average to enroll in the company last year.

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