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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joe Biden's approval rating among Americans?

In November, the Quinnipiac poll found Biden's approval rating at 36% among all American adults and 38% among registered voters. Other recent polls this year have found Biden's approval rating between 40% and 45%. The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows 42% of Americans approve of Biden's job performance and 53% disapprove.

What's happening to Biden's job approval?

After riding high during his first six months in office, Biden's job approval dipped below 50% in several polls for the first time in August, coinciding with his administration's chaotic withdrawal in Afghanistan and the rise of the delta COVID-19 variant. It picked up slightly in December, but has dropped again in polling taken so far in 2022.

How many Americans would vote for Biden?

The survey results showed that 43 percent of eligible voters would cast ballots for Biden. Just 41 percent said they would vote for Trump, so the former president trails the current president by 2 points. Eleven percent of eligible voters said they didn't know how they would vote.

Is Biden ahead of Trump in popular vote?

Although Redfield & Wilton Strategies' latest data shows Biden ahead of Trump, a poll released this week by the conservative Rasmussen Reports had Trump several points ahead. That survey found that 46 percent of likely voters would back Trump and that only 40 percent would support Biden if the election were held today.

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