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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joe Biden’s job approval rating?

His job approval has been stable, ranging from 54% to 57%, including 56% in June. The percentage disapproving was 37% in January but has since ranged from 40% to 42%, including 42% in June. The June 1-18 poll was partially conducted while Biden met with world leaders in Europe on his first foreign trip as president, from June 9-16.

Why is Biden’s approval at 43%?

So, why then, if you are the Biden White House, put out a memo that insists that the president is at 43% approval? Well, it's because 43% is a number that worries Democrats on the ballot in November, while 33% is one that incites full-on panic.

What is The racial gap in Biden's approval ratings?

That gap is similar to the gender pattern in Biden's ratings all year and is the reverse of the gender gap under President Donald Trump, who earned higher support from men than women. The racial gap in Biden's ratings is even wider than the gender gap, with 74% of non-White Americans versus 48% of White Americans approving.

Where does Biden stand compared to his predecessors?

Compare where Biden stands today to where his predecessors have been. Biden is at 43% approval in the latest Gallup monthly poll. At roughly this same time in their presidencies, here's where the last seven people to hold the office were:

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