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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Biden’s tax plan increase taxes?

However, the Biden tax plan would increase taxes for corporations and for most taxpayers with incomes over $400,000. It would reinstate the pre-2017 top marginal, individual tax rate of 39.6%. Equity and hedge fund managers would be subject to ordinary income rates on “carried interests.”

Does Biden’s new tax plan require you to report Venmo and Cash App?

There has been a flurry of furious cash app users this past week angrily responding to rumors of President Joe Biden’s new tax reporting plan requiring taxpayers to report all Venmo and cash app income over $600. This information is largely false. Biden signed into law a modification to IRS reporting requirements on digital transactions.

How much will Biden’s American jobs plan cost?

The estimated $2.3 trillion cost of the American Jobs Plan, the scope of the investments proposed to be made over 10 years, and the tax increases intended to support it have generated substantial policy and political debate. Biden has proposed increasing the corporate income tax rate from the 21% level in effect since 2018 to 28%.

Will Biden’s new corporate minimum tax prevent profitable companies from avoiding tax?

Reacting to an independent study finding that 91 of the Fortune 500 companies paid no U.S. corporate income tax in 2018, 1 the Biden administration has recommended a new corporate minimum tax of 15% on book income to prevent profitable companies from avoiding U.S. taxation.

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