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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Biden's tax proposals for 2020?

An additional 3.8%, the net investment income tax, would be assessed on high-income individuals whose modified adjusted gross income is above $200,000 for the year 2020 ($250,000 for married filing joint taxpayers). Biden’s tax plan proposes increasing the top-tier capital gain tax rate to 39.6% for those earning $1 million or more.

What does Biden’s American families plan mean for child tax credits?

In the American Families Plan, Biden proposes extending the increase in the child tax credit through 2025 and make its full refundability and advance payment features permanent. Similarly, the child and dependent care tax credit is more generous for 2021 than for later years.

When will Biden's next economic plan be announced?

He is expected to outline the next step of his economic agenda during a joint session to Congress on April 28. Biden has doubled down on vows he made as a candidate, saying that those earning more than $400,000 "will see a small to significant tax increase."

How much will Biden’s American jobs plan cost?

The estimated $2.3 trillion cost of the American Jobs Plan, the scope of the investments proposed to be made over 10 years, and the tax increases intended to support it have generated substantial policy and political debate. Biden has proposed increasing the corporate income tax rate from the 21% level in effect since 2018 to 28%.

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