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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Biden proposing a 3% federal property tax?

Is Biden Proposing a 3% Federal Property Tax? The Democratic presidential candidate has not proposed a 3% property tax. Joe Biden's tax plan includes a 3% federal property tax on privately-owned homes.

How would Biden raise taxes on corporations?

Biden would also raise taxes on corporations by raising the corporate income tax rate and imposing a corporate minimum book tax. Biden’s plan would raise tax revenue by $3.3 trillion over the next decade on a conventional basis. When accounting for macroeconomic feedback effects, the plan would collect about $2.8 trillion the next decade.

Does the Biden campaign propose taxing retirees'401 (k) s and IRAs?

The claim alleges the Biden campaign proposes taxing retirees' 401 (k)s and IRAs in addition to a 3% federal tax on property. "It's on page 78 of the Dems' platform," says the meme.

Did Biden raise the Social Security tax rate to 85%?

The former senator from Delaware was also the deciding vote in raising the Social Security tax rate to up to 85% in 1993, according to the meme. "His voting record on Social Security records over the years is one slap in the face to retirees after another," says the claim.

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