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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose blue oak?

Having Blue Oak as an option widens your view. I just want everyone to feel the same way I did. I felt welcomed and that I could do anything after graduating from there; I just felt ready to take on anything. Blue Oak made it possible for me to maximize my own talents.

Who is blue oak capital?

Founded in 1999, Blue Oak Capital is a fee-only investment advisory firm dedicated to helping clients achieve their personal financial objectives through the preservation and growth of wealth. By design, the firm serves only a limited number of clients, fostering informed and lasting relationships.

How can I find out more about Blue Oak School?

Visit our Blue Oak School Facebook ( page to see examples of our teachers bringing learning to life from a distance. For more information contact our Admissions Director, Meredith Wilson at 707.261.4500 or [email protected] We hope you all stay well! To me, Blue Oak was an opportunity to get to a better place.

Is blue oak school open for 2020/21?

Here at Blue Oak School we are adapting to current circumstances. While we work with our faculty, staff, admin, board and parents to create a safe and healthy reopening plan for the fall, we are still accepting applications for the 2020/21 school year.

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