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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bluesound node 2i?

As the ultimate choice in hi-res multi-room streaming players, Bluesound lets you listen to your favourite tracks in every room of your home, all in outstanding musical detail. Easily connect the NODE 2i to any existing stereo system to unlock and discover a universe of audio streaming.

What is bluebluesound’s node?

Bluesound has opted for less is more in the naming of its third-generation music streamer, returning to the original ‘Node’ moniker after its second-gen model carried the indicative ‘ Node 2i ’ label.

How do I use the Bluesound app?

The Bluesound app lies at the heart of the Bluesound experience. Download it for iOS or Android and, once the Node is connected to the same home network as your device, it will discover music stored both on your home network and locally, indexing it within the app for easy playback.

What's wrong with the Bluesound node?

The Node has a major deficiency in that it does not support Chromecast. This greatly reduces the ability to explore music Bluesound reasserts its authority in the budget music streamer market with a superbly featured natural-born entertainer. "Like the two Nodes before it..."

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