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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bluesound PowerNode 2i?

The POWERNODE 2i is the streaming amplifier that merges several traditional components into one and unlocks a world of high-fidelity streaming. Effortlessly driving your choice of speakers with the same zero-distortion audio signature Bluesound has become known for, the POWERNODE 2i takes your favorite tracks to new levels.

What is the Bluesound node?

The Bluesound NODE unlocks the world of hi-res music streaming and multi-room audio to create a modern addition to existing HiFi systems or your favorite set of powered speakers Buy nowMore Info > SPECIFICATIONS

How do I connect my speakers to the PowerNode?

You can hardwire your main speakers to the Powernode’s speaker terminals, and send audio for the surround channels to a pair of Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i wireless speakers ($299 each). Like the Powernode 2i (with HDMI), the new Powernode can also be mated wirelessly with the Bluesound Pulse Sub+ subwoofer ($749). So can the new Node.

What is the difference between PowerNode’s bluos and soundbase?

Most importantly, the Powernode’s BluOS software platform is far more functional and far less flaky than the DTS Play-Fi software employed on the SoundBase, and has support for many more streaming services.

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