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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bluesound vault 2i any good?

The Vault 2i streams, rips and sounds just great. Some savings were made on the cabinet, which is fine as the gained budget was invested in easy operation and a huge 2 TB hard drive, which has enough space even for large CD collections. Technical Details: Bluesound Vault 2i

What can I do with the vault 2i?

The VAULT 2i uses your home network and sets up quickly. With advanced Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, the VAULT 2i ensures that there are no skips or delays even when streaming high-res audio files. Play music in perfect sync or play music simultaneously to any Bluesound speaker in any room.

What is the bluos vault 2i?

The Vault 2i is a 2TB network hard drive, CD ripper and streamer, making it one of the more specialised products in the company’s range. Effectively, it is a music server that really only works as part of the BluOS ecosystem of products.

What can you do with a Bluesound device?

Rip your CDs with bit perfect precision. USB ports to backup and restore your personal music collection. Innovative 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex processors. Easily connect to wired home network for flawless streaming. Stream your music libraries to multiple Bluesound players throughout the home.

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