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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the vault 2i work with Bluesound?

Once setup on your wired home network the VAULT 2i allows you to access and share your entire music library, and stream it to any Bluesound player, all without a computer. A powerful Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9 processor allows the VAULT 2i to effectively multi-task while streaming to multiple rooms with flawless playback.

What is the Bluesound Gen 2i?

Built to be better in every way. Introducing Bluesound Gen 2i. Re-engineered across the board to bring you bigger and bolder sound, more connectivity, and the latest WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, the ultimate wireless hi-res sound system now gives you even more ways to stream and enjoy music, movies, podcasts, and shows in clear high-fidelity.

What is the vault 2i hard drive?

Featuring an ultra-quiet, low power consumption 2TB hard drive, the VAULT 2i lets you easily rip all your CDs in lossless high-resolution FLAC, space-saving MP3, and everything in between.

Should you buy a vault 2i for your music collection?

The Vault 2i should be ideal for the practical-minded person who slowly but surely wants to store his CD collection in favor of streaming and listening via hard disk, but who is also not willing to sacrifice weeks of training and who dislikes traditional hi-fi optics as much as overcrowded racks.

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