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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Bluetooth speakers?

One of the most highly rated Bluetooth speakers of any kind on the market today, the Tribit StormBox is a bit of a monster, with enormous sound and enormous volume, heavy-duty material and build quality, absolutely the most advanced technology, and fun – if not overwhelming – LED lights.

Is there a bigger or smaller Bluetooth speaker?

And while bigger usually means better when it comes to speakers, you'll find plenty of smaller models that still pack a surprising punch. No matter what your needs or your budget, there's a high-quality Bluetooth speaker that can fit them.

Is the Philips Party Cube the best premium Bluetooth speaker with lights?

If there’s any problem at all with naming the Philips Party Cube the ‘best premium Bluetooth speaker with lights,’ it’s that at under $400 it might not be expensive enough to be called ‘premium.’

Are mini bluetooth speakers good?

If you're looking for a very portable speaker, you'll want to get something very compact, but remember that smaller speakers usually produce less sound and bass than larger ones. So while there are plenty of mini Bluetooth speakers that deliver bigger sound than you might expect, they do have their sonic limitations.

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