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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blueblue Orange?

Blue Orange utilizes AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure to unify data, automate tasks, and improve decision making. Through a unified cloud data lake environment, our first step is to bring all disparate data together into one source of truth. This unification simplifies access, enables data transformation, and expands analytic capabilities.

What is blue orange for healthcare security?

A healthcare provider’s best defense is to recognize that no organization is impervious to cyberattacks. Blue Orange takes the complexity out of the compliance – while simplifying cybersecurity and privacy for the healthcare industry.

Who is blue orange games?

Founded in 2000, Blue Orange Games is a leading creator of tabletop games that excite and challenge all ages. The company is driven to inspire families to “unplug” and connect face to face with the people who matter most by playing games together.

Why choose blue orange for bi?

Leveraging advanced BI tools Blue Orange provides a quick, clear understanding with data visualization and transparent reporting. The adoption of modern data analytics will bring confidence and accuracy to your decision making. Read more. Advanced Analytics & Data Science enable proactive insight and decision making.

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