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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose brownbrown?

Brown is both a major research university and an educational institution based on collegiate values, where academic programs bring innovative teaching and rigorous research together. And it is the only major research university in the nation where undergraduates are the architects of their own course of study.

What does the word brown mean in a brown study?

"In a brown study " (melancholy). In Wicca, brown represents endurance, solidity, grounding, and strength. It is strongly associated with the element of earth. The Cleveland Browns of the National Football League, take their team name from its founder and long-time coach, Paul Brown, and use brown as a team color.

What is brownbrown pre-college?

Brown Pre-College Programs are designed for high school students to explore the challenges and opportunities of the college experience. You’ll enjoy the excitement and responsibility that comes from balancing challenging academics and enriching social activities—without the pressure of formal grades.

What is the purpose of the Brown Act?

The Brown Act states that it is the intent of the law that the actions of public legislative bodies be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly. 1 The Brown Act is intended to give the citizens of California access to government agencies and prohibit governmental decisions from being made in secret.

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