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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good gift for a caregiver?

Tea Forte's Black Tea Assortment or the Five Minute Journal make great mindful and relaxing gifts. Caregivers can sometimes be viewed Here are a few great gift ideas to give the caregiver in your life. Tea can serve as a nice energizer in the morning or as a relaxer in the evening.

What do caregivers want?

What many caregivers want is for time off and for someone else to do the giving. Our community suggested massage gift certificates and a spa trip as a couple different options for some relaxing time away. However, offering a caregiver some vital “me time” doesn’t have to involve a physical gift, either:

What is a good gift for a dog walker?

Give a living gift If your dog walker or caregiver boasts a green thumb or your nanny or tutor loves fresh home decor, a living plant can make a perfect gift. Think personal as well as good for the health of any home (and the planet!). 13. Personalize a gift

What are the best cane and Walker gifts for older adults?

For older adults who use mobility aids, a snazzy new cane or walker is a wonderful and practical gift. We especially like the clever design of the Free2Go Rollator. This cane comes in a variety of great colors and patterns.

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