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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chubb a good insurance company?

Generally, Chubb is well-rated for auto insurance claims satisfaction and customer service. Customers pay a premium for Chubb car insurance, and they receive premium service in return. Chubb has fewer customer complaints than other companies of a similar size, indicating policyholders are generally happy with how claims proceed.

What are Chubb's policies like?

Insuring your home with Chubb means getting far more than your typical coverage offerings. With Chubb, a standard policy comes with extended replacement cost coverage for the home, replacement cost coverage for your personal belongings, and a number of endorsements and high coverage limits. Deductible waived if loss is greater than $50,000.

What is Chubb homeowners insurance?

Chubb is a high-end insurance company whose standard homeowners policy includes many coverages you need to pay extra for with most other insurers.

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