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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meaningful Use Stage 3?

Starting in 2018, all eligible physicians will be required to participate in Stage 3. Summary of the Meaningful Use Stage 3 and 2015 certification rules requirements (PDF) (members only) MU will eventually become part of the Medicare Merit-based Incentive Program. Understanding Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

What will Cms do in Stage 3?

In Stage 3, there will not be any changes to the existing policies and regulations for MAOs. CMS is “statutorily required to require more stringent measures of meaningful use over time.” Since 2009, requirements have gradually increased and required more advanced technology.

What is Stage 3?

Stage 3 is intended to bring about advancements in care delivery by requiring more advanced EHR functionality and standards for structuring data, increasing thresholds compared to Stage 1 and 2 measures, and requiring more coordinated care and patient engagement.

Can a provider attest to Stage 3?

A provider who has technology certified to a combination of the 2015 Edition and 2014 Edition may potentially attest to the Stage 3 requirements, if the mix of certified technologies would not prohibit them from meeting the Stage 3 measures. However, a provider who has technology certified to the 2014 Edition only may not attest to Stage 3.

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