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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of coast?

Learner's definition of COAST. 1. : the land along or near a sea or ocean. [count] sea/rocky coasts [=shores] the west/east coast. He lives on the coast.

What ocean is on the coast?

The pacific ocean is on the east coast of the US and the west coast of some European and African countries.

What are the different types of coastline?

Types of coast. Other coastal categories: A cliffed coast or abrasion coast is one where marine action has produced steep declivities known as cliffs. A flat coast is one where the land gradually descends into the sea. A graded shoreline is one where wind and water action has produced a flat and straight coastline.

Is Portland OR on the coast?

Portland is located on a peninsula in Casco Bay on the Southern Maine coast approximately 100 miles (161 km) north of Boston, Massachusetts. It has more than 65,000 inhabitants making it the largest city in Maine.

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