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Frequently Asked Questions

What does criteria mean?

Criteria is a plural form of criterion that refers to the standard by which something is measured or assessed. The various SAT scores, for example, which assess a student’s potential for a successful college educational experience, are examples of criteria. Is criteria singular or plural in this sense?

What is the difference between criterion and criteria?

Criteria and criterion both mean “the standard (s) by which something is judged or determined.” Criterion is singular and refers to only one thing. Criteria is plural and applies to two or more things. Criterion is a singular noun that means "a standard or requirement for something."

What are some examples of criteria?

An example of criteria are the various SAT scores which evaluate a student's potential for a successful educational experience at college. Synonyms: standards touchstones yardsticks benchmarks gauges marks measures tests archetypes foundations exemplars examples originals precedents principles

What is the plural form of criteria?

Criteria is the plural form of criterion and refers to "the requirements or points something is judged by." The judges asked for the list of criteria. The criteria for admission to the university includes high test scores, a strong GPA and an outstanding essay. The applicant met all the criteria for the job.

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