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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between rib vault and groin vault?

Rib vault. A barrel vault (also called a cradle vault, tunnel vault, or wagon vault) has a semicircular cross section. A groin (or cross) vault is formed by the perpendicular intersection of two barrel vaults. A rib (or ribbed) vault is supported by a series of arched diagonal ribs that divide the vault's surface into panels.

How are groin vault ceilings constructed?

Groin vault ceilings are constructed by intersecting two barrel vaults of the same diameter. The edges of the barrel vaults meet, creating an arris or sharp line. Using groin vaults saves materials because the thrust is concentrated at the intersection of the barrel vaults.

What is ribbed vaulting?

The ribbed vaulting became more complicated and was crossed with lierne ribs into complex webs, or the addition of cross ribs, called tierceron. As the decoration developed further, the Perpendicular or International Gothic took over (fifteenth century).

What are ribs and groins?

…of their curved surfaces, called groins. The ribs were built with supporting formwork or centring made of timber; close cooperation was needed between the carpenters and the masons. The curved surfaces of stones between the ribs were probably laid with little formwork, using only mortar; brick vaults are still built…

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