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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of ready in scrum?

The term “Definition of Ready” isn’t described in the Scrum Guide and same as user stories and the Acceptance Criteria embedded in it. Perhaps, you may consider the Definition of Ready is an integral part of the backlog refinement activity, instead of using the Definition of Ready as a sequential and phase-gate checklist.

What does ready mean?

Definition of Ready. Definition. By analogy with the “Definition of Done”, the team makes explicit and visible the criteria (generally based on the INVEST matrix) that a user story must meet prior to being accepted into the upcoming iteration.

What is ready (Dor) vs done (DoD)?

Definition of Ready (DoR) vs. Definition of Done (DoD) A sprint is a time-boxed development cycle that takes high-priority items off the Sprint Backlog and turns them into a product increment. However, in order to successfully pull items into the current sprint, it is important that the defined user stories are “ready” – pulling unfinished ...

What is a ready agreement?

A definition of ready is an explicit agreement between the parties involved. This avoids confusion. There can be two different definitions of ready – one for the program and one for the team. DoRs at the team level are between the product owner and the team. When groups of teams are involved the DoRs are between the product managers and teams.

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