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Frequently Asked Questions

What does trolling mean on the Internet?

What is trolling? In scientific literature, internet trolling is defined as a malicious online behaviour, characterised by aggressive and deliberate provocation of others. “Trolls” seek to provoke, upset and harm others via inflammatory messages and posts.

What is a troll, and what is Internet trolling?

The term trolling stems from the internet slang 'troll', which is a person who starts arguments or upsets people by posting inflammatory, extraneous messages online. The aim of a troll is to provoke other online users into an emotional response often for their own amusement.

What does it mean by trolling?

“Trolling” is contribution of bad-faith content. Content not given for sincere purpose, but to antagonize. A question that is not really asked to know or to elicit; an assertion that is not really given to share information, but to stir turmoil. To provoke negative and hostile response. That’s trolling.

Why do people troll online?

Trolling is a phenomenon that has swept across websites in recent years. Online forums, Facebook pages and newspaper comment forms are bombarded with insults, provocations or threats. Supporters argue it's about humour, mischief and freedom of speech. But for many the ferocity and personal nature of the abuse verges on hate speech.

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