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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Bluetooth headphones with a cell phone?

The good news is, it's actually really simple to use Bluetooth headphones—all you need to do is connect them and you're good to go. And if you can use a cell phone, you can connect a pair of wireless headphones. We're here to help.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth headphones?

They're Bluetooth headphones, which makes them easier to use when you're out and about, and they have an ANC feature that can block out noise like ambient chit-chat or rumbling engines. They're comfortable and have a long 37-hour battery life.

Do I need a separate mono Bluetooth headset?

So if you're thinking about a pair of wireless headphones to rock out to, you may not need a separate mono Bluetooth headset.

Are headphones good for music?

If you're looking for headphones that are great for music, the choices can be overwhelming. Depending on what kind of music you like, some headphones are better suited than others. Those who listen to more instrumental or vocal-centric content like jazz or folk may like a more neutral or balanced sound with a wide, immersive soundstage.

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