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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a breast pump through Edgepark?

Some insurance policies may only allow the release of the breast pumps near your due date. Depending on your healthcare plan, Edgepark might need to hold your order until your plan allows its release. You can also order a breast pump from Edgepark up to one year after giving birth. Does insurance pay for breast pump?

Where can I buy breast pump supplies?

You can find the following top brands of breast pumps sold by Edgepark: Edgepark partners with Medicare, 1,300+ insurance companies, and the top breast pump brands, so moms like you can find many products, including breast pump supplies, in one place. Edgepark Medical Supplies was founded in 1928.

Is Edgepark still good?

EDGEPARK HAS GONE DOWNHILL! This company use to be very good to me Not anymore! I’m a type 1 fragile diabetic on an insulin pump and I wear an alarm for highs and lows. I need my diabetic equipment. I called my usual order in on 6-13-22.

Is Byram healthcare the same as Edgepark?

Byram Healthcare offers the same number of breast pumps as Edgepark does, but the brands vary. They’re still all highly rated, but the company is not. If you check out their Better Business Bureau page, they receive an F, they’re not accredited, and they consistently get poor reviews.

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