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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Edgepark ostomy | better health?

Edgepark Ostomy | Better Health is a Modern Medical Supplier focused on delivering Diabetes, Incontinence, Urology, Ostomy, & Wound Care supplies. Shop the latest CGMs, catheters, ostomy bags, and more from all the leading brands. Try a Better Edgepark Ostomy Solution. privacy policy

What is Edgepark Medical?

Edgepark Medical is a healthcare company that provides medical supplies and equipment to patients and healthcare providers. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania and was founded in 1994. Edgepark Medical is a privately held company. Edgepark Medical Supplies is an online retailer of healthcare and diabetes products.

Does Edgepark cover pump supplies?

So been trying to fill order for pump supplies and per Edgepark they are not in network and insurance does not cover. But did 3 months ago. I have had the insurance company call them directly and still nothing. They deserve ZERO stars!! They deserve ZERO stars!!! Use somewhere else.

What is ceraplustm ostomy products?

Security and skin health, all in one. CeraPlus™ Ostomy Products protect skin where it matters most. Education and resources on skin health and living with an ostomy. Professional resources and education for healthcare providers. Helpful guides, care tips, and videos for before and after ostomy surgery.

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