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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order flower delivery in Davis CA?

To enjoy flower delivery in Davis, CA, you can order flowers online and list down the address. You can buy flowers in advance to be delivered on your loved one’s special day. You can even send flowers and birthday balloons on the same day you make the purchase.

What are people saying about florists in Davis?

What are people saying about florists in Davis, CA? "Beautiful flowers!!! Love the attention to detail and prompt service. Iryna was able to create the perfect bouquet for my daughter! It was easy to text her and tell her my request. Professional and talented florist! Can't wait to order more flowers for graduation!"

How can a professional florist help you?

Whether you want some breathtaking flowers with a vase for centerpieces, or a strikingly enchanting bouquet, a professional florist in Davis, CA, can help you. Handpick your choice of summer flowers and leave the floral arrangement to the best local florist in Davis, CA.

What is a studio florist?

We are a studio florist operation with a greenhouse devoted to succulents, a light and humidity-controlled room for growing orchids, floral coolers to keep cut flowers fresh and beautiful, and a facility for drying flowers and plants.

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