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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online gaming forum?

Online gaming forums have been a staple to the Internet since its inception. Gamers could get together and talk shop, provide walkthroughs for those tough to get through sections of their favorite game, and swap tips and tricks. Video game forums are bigger than ever, with multiple avenues for people to interact with their fellow gamers.

What is IGN's video game forum?

A classic and a current powerhouse in gaming, IGN’s video game forum is all quality. It’s easily organized by gaming platforms, (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.), and further into more specific topics.

What are Epic Games' game forums?

Along with forums designated to their iconic games, Epic Games also allow you to download their free software to edit content. Their game forums are much like Blizzard and Ubisoft in that they focus heavily on a single game, funneling resources into FAQs and discussion on that game.

How many subscribers does R/gaming have?

As of 2018, r/gaming has nearly 20 million subscribers. Massively multiplayer online RPG’s have some of the most dedicated fans in gaming, and this forum is no exception. With helpful links to buy, play, and preorder games right from the sidebar, this forum has easy accessibility.

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