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Frequently Asked Questions

What does gravy mean in slang?

Note: In the United States, `gravy' was slang for money or profit. Railway workers invented this expression in the early 1920s to describe a regular journey which provided good pay for little work. Gravy is an informal term for ‘money easily acquired’.

What does the name gravy mean?

Gravy comes from an Old English saying that refers to life as the "meat and potatoes," and any luxuries or positive things beyond that are the "gravy." The term gained popularity in the 1970s and still exists today but is not nearly as common.

What does Good Gravy mean?

What does it mean when someone says good gravy? Interjection. good gravy. Used to express surprise or anger without a hint of profanity or blasphemy. What does different gravy mean? Different Gravy is a way of saying that something is so good, comparison to anything else is pointless. Why is it called gravy?

What does more of gravy than the grave mean?

“There’s more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!” The line is brilliant for several reasons: alliteration and internal rhyme; apt summation of the argument being made; revelation of some of the internal workings of Scrooge’s mind.

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