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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical costs of care homes?

There are also care homes of both types which provide specialist care, such as dementia care, which will come at a further premium. The average annual costs of the different types of care homes are: (respite care – often available for short-term stays upto 2 weeks – approx. £477 per week)

How much does a nursing home cost on average?

On average, a nursing home costs $225 daily for a semi-private room and $253 for a private room. Monthly charges range from $6,844 to $7,698 for semi-private and private rooms respectively. Annual costs range from $82,128 to $92,376 for full time nursing home care.

What do care home fees cover?

Residents live in care homes 24 hours a day, so on top of care costs, care home fees include accommodation, laundry, meals, heating as well as other utility costs. When you move into a care home, always check what is covered by the fee. Some care homes charge extra for services such as hairdressing and toiletries.

Is nursing care more expensive than residential care in a care home?

In a care home, nursing care is more expensive than residential care. Care homes that provide specialist care, such as dementia care, will normally charge a higher fee. The average cost of care homes in the UK (including both residential and nursing care) is also higher or lower depending on where you live.

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