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Frequently Asked Questions

What is socialism in simple terms?

“The classic definition of socialism is the public ownership of the means of production and distribution. Anyone calling themselves socialists now isn’t going that far; it's more building a safety net.” Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions.

Why is socialism considered bad?

Socialism is bad because it is condescending. When people work and produce they have the means to buy what they wish—monetary payments for work are merely a means of exchange for people to trade goods and services. If you provide a good or service that few people value, you are paid less.

Is socialism a better economic system than capitalism?

We consider socialism to be a better economic system and a more democratic system than capitalism. What do we mean by socialism and why do we consider it to be a superior system? 1. Eliminating competition as the basis for survival. Capitalism is premised first and foremost on competition between individuals.

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