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Frequently Asked Questions

How to say hello in Ukrainian?

If you want to say hello in Ukrainian then you can do so with the following phrases. Click on the Ukrainian words to hear the pronunciation by a native speaker. This phrase is how you would say ‘hi’ in Ukrainian. It’s quite informal so use it with friends and family.

How to pronounce є in Ukrainian?

Є is one of the three Ukrainian letters that can be pronounced in two ways (depending on the position): Є is pronounced as a [й] + [е] combo at the beginning of words and after vowels or apostrophe signs (’).

How do you Say Good bye in Ukrainian?

Так /tak/ = Yes “Так” means yes. Sometimes you can hear “da” (it’s Russian, but Ukrainians like to use it too) as well. 12. Ні /ni/ =No “Ні” means no. Sometimes you can also hear “нє” /nye/ (it’s a colloquial way to say “no”). 13. До побачення /do pob a chen’:a/ = Good bye! Oh no! Time to say good bye? Choose one according to the situation.

What does good night mean in Ukrainian?

Use this phrase, which means good night in Ukrainian, if someone is going to sleep and you want to wish them a good night’s sleep. This phrase is also commonly shortened to just ‘ добраніч ’ (dobra-nich). When you meet someone for the first time, a typical Ukrainian greeting is a warm handshake.

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