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Frequently Asked Questions

Why wont my plutonium start up?

Your launcher might be too old, since the old launcher used to have a cmd window, the new one is different. It should update itself normally, dunno why it didn't for you. Delete the launcher and see if there's a .new duplicated launcher, delete that as well and redownload it from .

How do you make plutonium from uranium?

uranium processing - uranium processing - Conversion to plutonium: The nonfissile uranium-238 can be converted to fissile plutonium-239 by the following nuclear reactions: In this equation, uranium-238, through the absorption of a neutron (n) and the emission of a quantum of energy known as a gamma ray (γ), becomes the isotope uranium-239 (the higher mass number reflecting the presence of one more neutron in the nucleus).

What are the health effects of plutonium?

When you breathe air that contains plutonium, some of it will get trapped in your lungs. Some of the trapped plutonium will move to other parts of your body, mainly your bones and liver. The amount of plutonium that stays in your lungs depends on the solubility of the plutonium that is in the air you breathe.

How does plutonium effect humans?

” …….Plutonium may remain in the lungs or move to the bones, liver, or other body organs. It generally stays in the body for decades and continues to expose the surrounding tissues to radiation. Lung, liver, and bone cancer You may develop cancer depending on how much plutonium is in your body and for how long it remains in your body.

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