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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Beautycounter really work?

Does Beautycounter really work? In short, yes! They’ve worked really well on my sensitive skin through pregnancy and post-partum, which if you’ve had a baby, you know that’s one hell of a test. Within two weeks of switching over everything, (yes, I went pregnant lady crazy and did that my husband commented on how great my skin looked too. Whoop!

Is Beautycounter a legitimate business?

Is Beautycounter Legit or Scam? Yes, Beautycounter is a legitimate company with high-quality products in the market. However, its business model may not be profitable if you do not recruit more consultants or sell products.

Is Beautycounter worth it?

Beautycounter is worth it! Basically, if your health and skin is a priority for you, then yes. It's totally worth it to invest in Beautycounter products. If you're having trouble making room in your budget, take my free budgeting masterclass to learn how to adjust your budget to be based on your priorities.

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