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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say I Love you in Ukrainian?

In Ukrainian ‘I love you’ is ‘Ja tebe kochaju’ ( Я тебе кохаю ). And there is no other way to say it if you want to sound like a literate Ukrainian.

Is it possible to speak perfect Ukrainian?

If the answer is yes, we got you! Learning these phrases will without a doubt help you communicate yourself and your feelings better, as well as increase your overall Ukrainian language skills. Even if the Ukrainian language seems difficult or intimidating, nothing is impossible! If you want to speak perfect Ukrainian, you can do it.

How to say I Miss you in Ukrainian?

There are several ways to say I miss you in Ukrainian: 4. Будеш моєю дівчиною / моїм хлопцем? – Will you be my girlfriend / my boyfriend? In Ukrainian, the words for a boyfriend and girlfriend are the same as a boy and a girl – хлопець і дівчина. If you want to ask a guy to be your boyfriend in Ukrainian, say: Будеш моїм хлопцем?

How to say hug in Ukrainian?

Обійматися, обійнятися is to hug in Ukrainian. Обійми is the noun for hugs. Note how the stress changes in the imperative: Обійми мене!

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