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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Icare inmate package?

iCare Inmate Packages iCare gives friends and family members an opportunity to show they care. Send a package of snack favorites to let your loved one know you are thinking about them.

What is Icare gifting services?

iCare Gifting Services – ICGS send icare packages for inmates ICGS keeps loved ones close by providing a quick and easy way to order care packages for inmates in jail. We understand this is a hard time, so we want to help keep your connection going by offerin Shopping Cart 0 Sign In Create account Search Menu Shopping Cart 0

How to send packages to inmates?

Writing letters to inmates, sending them packages, and inmate visitation is only available ever so often. Sending iCare Packages is an approved way of delivering different goodies and necessities to inmates, and you can use the service to pleasantly surprise the inmate you care about.

How do I send Icare?

iCare makes it easier than ever to send the love. Search. Order. Deliver. iCare makes staying connected with your loved one simple and easy. 1. Locate Your Loved One Visit and search for your loved one by their facility and by name or ID. 2. Select Your iCare Gift Once you have found your loved one, browse our variety of options.

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