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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable Microsoft Edge Appearance Settings?

Open Microsoft Edge, select Settings and more > Settings . Select Appearance. Turn on Show home button. You can either choose New tab page or select Enter URL for a page that you want to use as your home page. Note: This topic is for the new Microsoft Edge .

How do you change the appearance of Microsoft Edge?

If you’re not a fan of Microsoft Edge’s default appearance, you can change how it looks. In Edge, click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the browser, then select “Settings.” In the Settings pane, click “Choose a theme” under “Appearance.” You can then select Light, Dark, or Custom to change Edge’s color scheme.

How do you reduce the screen brightness in Microsoft Edge?

1. Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization > Pick one of the High Contrast themes with black background 2. Reduce screen brightness, or use a computer built-in screen color effects software (e.g Dell True Color/ Sony VAIO Control Center....) 3.

How do you change the theme in Microsoft Edge?

To change Microsoft Edge themes, follow the below steps. Open the Edge browser. Click on the Menu (…) icon. Click the “Settings” option. Select the “Appearance” option on the sidebar. Now, select a theme under the “Theme” section. The theme is applied instantly.

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