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Frequently Asked Questions

Who did the Celtics trade Moses Brown to?

The Boston Celtics have reportedly dealt recently acquired big man Moses Brown to the Dallas Mavericks in their trade for veteran shooting guard Josh Richardson according to an official release by the team. Initially reported as Richardson being taken ...

Who is Moses Brown?

Brown is a promising young big man. Source confirms that the Mavs will receive 21-year-old center Moses Brown from Boston in the Josh Richardson trade. The 7-foot-2 Brown averaged 8.6 points and 8.9 rebounds for the Thunder last season.

What did Moses Brown do in the Industrial Revolution?

Moses Brown. Moses Brown (September 23, 1738 – September 6, 1836) was an American abolitionist and industrialist from New England, who funded the design and construction of some of the first factory houses for spinning machines during the American industrial revolution, including Slater Mill. He co-founded Brown University .

Should the Mavericks trade Dwight Powell for Moses Brown?

The options at the Mavericks' disposal are currently limited. Dwight Powell is not the type of trade asset a team is jumping at the opportunity to acquire. Instead, a player like Moses Brown, who is 21-years-old and is on a minimum contract for the next three seasons is more appealing.

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