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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Muchacha mean in English?

Does El Muchacho Mean Little Boy? Muchacho and Muchacha are often used interchangeably with chico and a when referring to adolescents or teenagers. Most of the time, it is not used when referring to younger children. The word Muchacho/a can also refer to a young maid or servant.

What is the correct definition of Muchachas?

muchachas muchacha Frequency: A girl or young woman. noun 2 1 The definition of a muchacha is the Spanish word for a girl or young woman. An example of muchacha is Britney Spears. noun 0 0 Advertisement

What does 'Muchachos' mean in English?

muchacho. (MOO'-cha-cho), n. A Spanish word, largely used by Mexicans/Chicanos and Latinos, meaning - roughly - a mischievious young person (male). Muchacha (feminine). "Aiie, behave, muchacho!"

What does Muchachas mean?

muchachas ( moo - chah - chahs ) plural noun 1. (young women) a. girls No sé qué tiene Raúl, pero trae locas a todas las muchachas.I don't know what Raul has, but he drives all the girls crazy. b. young girls Unas muchachas armaban ruido en la parte trasera del bus.Some young girls were making noise in the back of the bus. 2. (old-fashioned)

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