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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use Muy and Mucho in Spanish?

muy always needs an adjective or an adverb right after it. Otherwise, it becomes mucho: ¿Estás muy contenta? Are you very happy? Sí, mucho. Yes, very. mucho. mucho (and its feminine and plural variations) can mean “much, many, a lot, a lot of”. When mucho is connected to a noun, it needs to match the noun’s gender and number.

What does Comer Mucho mean in Spanish?

What does como mucho mean in Spanish? como mucho. English Translation. as much. More meanings for como mucho. at most adverb. a lo sumo, a lo más. if at all.

What does Mucha Suerte mean in Spanish?

What does mucha mean in Spanish? ... See Also in Spanish. presta mucha atención: pay a lot of attention: mucha felicidad: a lot of happiness: mucha cantidad noun: a lot of, galore: mucha atención: a lot of attention: mucha basura: lots of trash: mucha suerte: good luck: mucha gente: many people: mucho noun, adverb: a lot, much, lot, a lot of ...

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