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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between host and node?

When talking about hosts and nodes, although their first impression might drive us towards thinking that they are the same thing, in fact, they are not! The difference between hosts and nodes is that while all hosts can be nodes, not every node can act as a host. That way, to every host an IP address is assigned.

How to add a new node?

addAtStart () will add a new node to the beginning of the list: It first checks, whether the head is equal to null which means the list is empty. If the list is empty, both head and tail will point to a newly added node. If the list is not empty then, create temporary node temp will point to head. Add the new node as head of the list.

How to get node?

You can find them by collecting level 90 resource nodes or fishing in the Endwalker region. When you get one of these treasure maps, you’ll need to make it to the final chest, and there’s a chance a Resplendent Feather will be available as a reward.

What does node type mean?

When configuring TCP/IP on a client, one of the options that you may see (depending on the installation) is the node type. The node type refers to how the client finds a domain controller to service its logon requests. There are four node types in TCP/IP:

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