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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is normalizing?

Normalizing Definition/ What is normalizing? Normalizing is defined as a heat treatment process where a material is heated to a predecided elevated temperature, hold at that temperature for a certain period of time (usually 10-20 minutes), and then allowed to cool freely in the air to reach room temperature.

What does normalizing do?

Normalizing is a heat treatment process used to relieve internal stresses, refine the grain size and improve mechanical properties. Normalizing is done to give steel a uniform and fine-grained structure. Normalizing is often used for ferrous alloys that have been austenitized and then cooled in open air.

What do you mean by normalization?

(plural normalizations) Any process that makes something more normal or regular, which typically means conforming to some regularity or rule, or returning from some state of abnormality. standardization, act of imposing standards or norms or rules or regulations.

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