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Frequently Asked Questions

Is OtherLife a good movie?

Sign in to vote. OtherLife is the story of a piece of software that can transport you into a dream-like world (like Total Recall). The movie discusses the implications of the software through the 2 developers' secret projects with the software. For a low-budget science fiction movie there is a lot of positive things to point out.

Where is OtherLife made?

Otherlife, from a novel, Solitaire, by Kelley Eskridge, which was sold and optioned and rejected, is resurrected and made in Western Australia. It looks expensive, professional and could have been a product of Industrial Light and Magic.

Why is OtherLife called OtherLife?

The company and it's product are called OtherLife because the plan is to offer people to experience their dreams. But financially the company isn't doing well, just as the release of the product will be in 5 days.

Is OtherLife a Black Mirror movie?

OtherLife would sit comfortably within the Black Mirror universe, a well-built and well-acted genre picture that helps corrupt the idea of the typical Australian film. August 31, 2017 | Full Review… There are no featured reviews for OtherLife because the movie has not released yet ().

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