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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plastic pyrolysis?

Pyrolysis represents the thermal degradation of materials at high temperatures within an inert atmosphere. The process has several industrial uses and applications. Nonetheless, plastic pyrolysis is one of the processes or techniques used in converting waste plastics into energy in the form of solid, liquid, or gaseous fuels.

Is pyrolysis a viable way to reduce waste pollution?

With waste pollution on the rise, pyrolysis is considered to be a viable method to reduce the world’s surplus of wasted organic and inorganic material. Using pyrolysis on plastics yields great benefits, as the plastics are thermally broken down into a reusable crude oil, which can then be used as fuel or to create more plastic products.

What is the legislative framework for pyrolysis of plastic waste?

The legislative framework relevant for pyrolysis of plastic waste can be considered as complex, as it includes policies related to circular economy, waste management, product safety and fuels.

Can HDPE wastes be used in pyrolysis process?

HDPE wastes have a great potential to be used in pyrolysis process since it can produce high liquid yield depends on the set up parameters. Many studies have been conducted on HDPE pyrolysis at different operating parameters to investigate the product yield obtained. Ahmad et al. [23] explored the pyrolysis study of HDPE using micro steel reactor.

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