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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a self care basket?

A self care basket is such a thoughtful gift – sure to raise their spirits and encourage them through a hard time. It’s also a budget-friendly gift and easy to put together! We’ll show you how to create the basket below.

What is the best self care gift for women?

We’ve got answers. Self Care Box For Women, Organic Spa Gift Set, Friendship Gift, Thinking of You Gift, Send a Gift Spa Set (T48SB) Self Care Gift Basket for Mom: New Mommy Care Package Pampering Gift Set with Bath Accessories and Natural Skincare Products.

What can I put in my self care gift basket?

You can fill the bottom of the gift basket with filler — tissue paper, shredded paper, newspaper, shredded cellophane, or colorful, decorative straw works well! If you make your own DIY Self Care Gift Basket we’d love to see what you included! Tag us on Instagram @soreyfitness!

What are the benefits of gift baskets?

Gift baskets offer a great way to make smaller presents feel more significant, they add a much more personal touch to a set of readymade items, and of course, allow you to forgo the expensive gift wrap. So, when your next gift-giving occasion approaches, pull up this list for some creative gift basket ideas.

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