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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign in for edgenuity?

Click the link in the email to begin the registration process. If you have misplaced the email, you can access the page directly at Click Activate Account. Do not fill out the email and password boxes, just click Activate Account.

How much is edgenuity online school?

The program allows educators to customize the curriculum for their students, who monitor their own progress while completing lessons, assessments, and interactive activities. Edgenuity operates on a per-student licensing model and costs $350-$1,000 per student.

What can teachers see on edgenuity?

What can teachers see on Edgenuity? In the essay viewer window, teachers can see all three phases of student work: pre-writing, rough draft, and revising. The tabs at the top of the window will allow teachers to toggle among these three views.

Is edgenuity easy?

Edgenuity sucks because the program fails to engage and teach students, then expects them to do three classes of work for one class. These are my current grades, all because the program really sucks at motivating you, and once you’re so far behind, you don’t want to catch up. It’s also REALLY easy to cheat.

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