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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tumor seeding and is it dangerous?

DISCUSSION Tumor seeding, whereby malignant cells are deposited along the tract of a biopsy needle, can have fatal consequences. More than 90% of cancer-associated mortality may be attributed to metastasis.

Is skin α-synuclein aggregation seeding activity a new biomarker for Parkinson disease?

This study provides proof-of-concept that skin αSynP seeding activity may serve as a novel biomarker for antemortem diagnoses of PD and other synucleinopathies. Skin α-Synuclein Aggregation Seeding Activity as a Novel Biomarker for Parkinson Disease

Does percutaneous tumor seeding occur after fine-needle biopsy?

Lundstedt et al. reported 5 cases of percutaneous tumor seeding recorded after 5,000 fine-needle biopsies of abdominal malignancies at their institution. They suggested that in patients with abdominal malignancies, performing fine-needle biopsy runs the risk of implantation metastases, which may compromise the outcome of radical surgery.

What is the purpose of a seeding risk study?

CONCLUSION This study is an attempt to establish seeding risk and bring awareness among patients as well as health care workers. Support from more number of articles and long term follow-up of patients in whom these procedures have been performed may substantiate the results with more authority.

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