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Frequently Asked Questions

When did series 2 of skins come out?

The Second Series of Skins originally aired on E4 from February 11, 2008 to April 14, 2008. Series 2 continues to follow the "first generation" of characters, which are featured in both Series 1 and Series 2. They are replaced in Series 3 by the "second generation".

What are the different generations of characters in skins?

List of Skins characters 1 Overview 2 First generation. Tony represents the dream of every parent, except, perhaps, his own; he is academically talented, handsome, loved by all his friends and their parents and often gets his ... 3 Second generation. ... 4 Third generation. ... 5 References. ...

Who is the main character in skins 2?

Effy later becomes a main character in the second generation of Skins. Abigail Stock (Georgina Moffat) is an upper class school girl with sociopathic tendencies, and one of Tony's many sexual conquests.

How many years of skins are there?

^ a b c Nicholson, Rebecca (25 January 2017). "10 years of Skins: the show that revealed the explicit truth about teenage life". The Guardian. Retrieved 15 September 2020. ^ Holmwood, Leigh (30 January 2008). "Skins series 2: The countdown begins..."

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